About Boathouse Finder


Boathouse Finder is the most comprehensive map search of rowing clubs around the world. It contains information on boathouses, clubs, colleges and universities, junior and high school, and masters rowing programs in over 100 countries. Those new to the sport, or rowers who travel frequently can easily locate a boathouse within their vicinity. The data is primarily kept up-to-date by the organization itself; users are asked to update their organization information annually.  Users are also asked to upload a boathouse photo, their club logo, and set the boathouse latitude and longitude coordinates.

About The Rower’s Almanac

The Rower’s Almanac was a groundbreaking publication with its first edition in 1996. Its core feature was a comprehensive directory of rowing information including clubs, colleges and universities, junior teams and high schools, associations, coaches, and referees. The Rower’s Almanac also published a rowing business directory and information on U.S. college scholarship programs that was widely referenced. The Rower’s Almanac team also published a U.S. National Rowing Survey in 2004 and 2008 that measured the size and value of the rowing market in the United States.  

Limited print editions of The Rower’s Almanac are still available for purchase by emailing karen@bhfinder.com.  The last edition of The Rower’s Almanac was printed in 2008. Since 2008, The Rower’s Almanac has published boathouse and club information on the Boathouse Finder website.

Leadership Team

The Rower’s Almanac and Boathouse Finder was started by Karen Derringer, a former University of Washington rower. In 2000, Elmira Togliatti, a two-time Olympic rower ('88 and '92) for Bulgaria, joined the team. Karen and Elmira live and work in the Washington, DC area and row recreationally out of Potomac Boat Club.


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