Before you log on to…

First, please check out our network configuration page to insure that your system meets minimum system requirements.

When logging on to a "virtual visit", be sure to remember that the HOST needs to logon in first order for the session to be established. If you ring the HOST before they logon, you will not be connected.

The HOST can always logon and wait for a GUEST to ring them by minimizing the screen after logon. During that time, the HOST can continue to work on other applications, or simply wait for a ring. When the first GUEST logs on, the computer will ring.

After the "ring", the HOST needs to click on the "accept" box and the session will be established. Other GUESTS then can logon and join the session.

When finished talking, simply click END SESSION on the control panel in the top right hand corner. To logon again, simply re-enter USERNAME and PASSWORD on the logon page.

Right before logon, we recommend pressing the F11 key to have the screen size increase so that all video panels are visible, along with the "chat" box. By pressing F11 again, the screen returns to its original size.

During the session, any user can send a URL by entering it in the "chat" box. Pressing the displayed link will then open up that website. While the site is open, communication continues. In order to see the website along with the session, simply adjust the website by reducing the size and moving it over on the screen.

Using a headset with built in microphone will improve communication.

For optimum viewing, screen resolution should be set to 1024 X 768.

Username/Password: Each HOST has their own, personalized logon. The logon USERNAME is a combination of the facility code, location code, user first name, and user last name. The PASSWORD is always the same for each USERNAME in the facility. Facility code and location information is provided on sign-up.

Guests choose their own USERNAME and PASSWORD combination, subject to approval by administration. Their logon information is valid only when used with their personal HOST, and cannot be used with any other GUEST or HOST, unless their own HOST is currently logged on.

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